Outdoor concerts, especially during the warmest days of summer, can pose comfort and safety problems for attendees. Hot sun, tightly-packed crowds, and dancing guests can make heat stroke a real possibility for many people, and intense discomfort can make guests leave early or remember a concert poorly, says MovinCool. To prevent problems associated with overheating during outdoor concerts, it may be a good idea to implement specialized outdoor cooling solutions.

Crowd and venue sizes are the most important factors to consider when choosing cooling solutions. If the crowd area is small enough, then a simple and cheap solution is to provide enough shade for everyone to stand in. Canvas canopy tops are cheap to rent and easily available, though their setup and teardown require some time and preparation. The main drawback to shade options is the fact that shade moves with the sun, so longer events and larger crowds will be more difficult to cover. In such cases, portable ac units are worth a look.

Air conditioning units for concerts can be tricky to set up due to water and electricity needs, but are generally quite effective. Be aware, however, that you cannot simply put a portable room air conditioner in the middle of an outdoor field and expect people to stay cool. Indoor units are often low-output, and are designed to slowly disperse throughout a space. For outdoor crowds, larger-scale evaporative coolers are the way to go. They come in capacities for crowds of all sizes, and are available for rent from hardware stores at reasonable rates.